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The Efficiency of MarShon Brooks

The New York Times has taken notice of MarShon Brooks. In an "Off the Dribble" column, Rob Mahoney talks about how Brooks' "per-minute scoring and overall efficiency rank with the best players at his position – a lofty achievement considering that Brooks’ N.B.A. career isn’t yet a month old".

What amazes Mahoney is how Brooks' numbers are a "product of efficient shooting (he was 53 percent from the field overall in those five games) rather than thoughtless shot-hunting," putting him in the 88th percentile in half-court scoring efficiency ... not just for rookies but for all NBA players.

Hard-wired to shoot (and score), Mahoney writes, but in a refined manner. Ken Berger agrees, calling Brooks the "Rookie dark horse" in his quarterly report on the NBA season.