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Flight Delay Hurt Armor's Chances

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Once a year or so, an NBA team bus gets stuck in Lincoln Tunnel traffic and don't show up till an hour or so before the game. Sunday, the Armor had similar problems, except for them, it's wasn't a bus, but a plane that jeopardized the game and hurt their performance.

Flying in from Bismarck, ND, due to weather delays in the Midwest, they touched down in Des Moines, IA, 90 minutes before tip off and arrived at the arena about 45 minutes later. The Iowa Energy delayed the beginning of the game another 36 minutes, but the damage was done. The delays help explain why the Armor went down 30 in the first half. They cut it to five late in the fourth, but that wasn't not enough and they lost. Jordan Williams finished with another double-double, 14 and 10, and blocked four shots. Dennis Horner had 10 and six.