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Stern on D12 Departure: It Happens

The Orlando Sentinel's Josh Robbins peppered David Stern with questions recently about Dwight Howard's likely departure from central Florida but if Magic fans thought they'd hear him say nice things about players staying in small markets, they had to be disappointed.

Stern gave Robbins no quarter on the freedom of player movement from small to big markets, wouldn't even concede Orlando is a small market. "I think this is not a life-threatening event when players move," said Stern at one point. "It depends upon who replaces them and how the community rallies around them."

Meanwhile, Stefan Bondy writes that "a source familiar with the Nets thinking" told him the Nets are prepared to "wait out the Magic and try to sign Howard as a free agent, rather than deal Deron Williams out of fear they’ll lose both". It's further evidence, Bondy argues, that the Nets still believe they are Howard's top choice.