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Yormark: Nets Will Price 2,000 Seats at Barclays Center $15 And Under

In an interview with SLAM, Brett Yormark renewed an old pledge about inexpensive seats at Barclays Center.

"There will be 2,000 seats for the Nets priced at $15 and under when we get to Brooklyn," Yormark told SLAM. "That shows the commitment we’re making to the borough and to anyone who wants to come see NBA basketball in Brooklyn. As it relates to other events, pricing and affordable pricing will always be part of the model. It’s truly important for us to get vocal support."

The Nets CEO said the move is more than 15 miles. "We’re like an expansion team that’s going into a totally different market. So, we’ve spent the better part of the last seven years feeding our brand in Brooklyn for this moment," said Yormark.

"Our players go into Brooklyn quite often and they’re doing community engagement. People are honking their horns and saying ‘We love you, Nets’ and it’s a great feeling."