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List? Whose List? My List?

That was basically how Deron Williams replied Saturday morning when asked about Chris Broussard's report that he has list of teams he'd prefer if the Nets fail to get Dwight Howard and he needs to get out of Jersey.

First, Williams claimed he doesn't read ESPN although the first person he followed on Twitter is named Chris Broussard. The ESPN writer is also one of only two reporters he follows, the other being Darren Rovell of CNBC. And his very first tweet, as noted by Nets are Scorching, quoted who?

After that, there was this exchange:

Q: You have a list…
A: Did you hear it from me? We don’t need to talk about it then. Another one of these sources. Sources. I don’t know who sources are.

Q: The Knicks were on the list. You said before the season it was unlikely you’d go there, has anything changed?
A: We play Oklahoma City tonight, right? We’ve got Russell Westbrook tonight, Kevin Durant and Co.?

Later, Williams said he was unaware of any list and Avery Johnson joked he had hoped his son's high school team would be on the list. So take from it what you will.