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Game 16 - Nets vs. Thunder - Saturday, January 21, 8:00

Sometime before the game Saturday, reporters will get a chance to ask Deron Williams about Chris Broussard's report that he's gone if the Nets don't get Dwight Howard. He's likely to make some non-commital comments, maybe sprinkled with a little humor (and/or frustration) and then, almost as an afterthought, the Nets will play one of the best teams in the NBA in the first of a back-to-back-to back.

The Thunder come into Newark with the second best record in the NBA at 12-3. They will also be playing their first game since 1) being upset by the league-worst Wizards Wednesday and 2) Russell Westbrook agreed to a 5-year, $78 million contract. So there will be plenty of incentive, unfortunately, for them to show the Nets a thing or two. Oh yeah, Kevin Durant is averaging 26.5 points a game and is a legitimate MVP candidate.

As for the Nets, it will be interesting to see how they go with two days of it will with the Thunder. The Nets haven't won two in a row all season. The injury list remains the same: no Brook Lopez, no Shawne Williams, no Damion James. You might get a look at Larry Owens since DeShawn Stevenson's balky knee might not withstand three straight days of pounding. Over the past five games (2-3), Deron Williams has averaged 20.8 and 9.6, shooting 52% from deep with three double-doubles.