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Rookie Hazing of MarShon Brooks

In his latest diary entry in the Post, MarShon Brooks tells Tim Bontemps of what's life like on the road for "the Rookie", the name his teammates have settled on to describe him.

"Before [Wednesday's] game, Deron [Williams] ran out of cocoa butter, so I went to get him cocoa butter. On the road, [Kris] Humphries uses Dove soap, so I have to make sure that he has his Dove soap," Brooks writes. "On the plane, the guys like to play cards in the back of the plane, so I make sure I bring the cards. I'm supposed to bring a new pack of cards on every trip".

DeShawn Stevenson, he says, wants 38 straws (don't ask) with his large Coke. But Brooks gets a good return for his straw hunt. "But he's been great to me. He's taught me so much. How to handle myself at games, how to talk to the media, defensive rotations, watching film with me".