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Dr. J: "Tell Nets To Stay In Touch"

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Julius Erving was on a golf course in southern California Thursday, playing with, among others, George Gervin and former President Bill Clinton. But he spoke with a local sports writer about the NBA and had some kind words for the Nets, along with some hopes for a reunion in Brooklyn.

"There will always be a soft spot in my heart for the Nets, having played on two ABA championship teams for the franchise," Erving said. "Just tell them to stay in touch. They'll find me on the golf course."

Erving called the Nets a "team still in transition" but added they had better be ready to compete once they get to Brooklyn, where fans will be more demanding. "Brooklyn doesn't play," he noted. "There's going to be high demand."

Dr. J, an Orlando resident, also had some pointed words of advice for Dwight Howard that Nets fans nor Howard will want to hear. "I don't think you go find a championship team to be on, you lead your team to a championship."