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Injuries Still Slowing Nets Progress

Word out of Thursday's practice was that it was a lively, peppy affair. The Nets will need as much enthusiasm as they can muster this weekend with the season's first back-to-back-to-back starting Saturday. Again, they'll be playing hurt with Brook Lopez out all three, Damion James out the first two and Shawne Williams out at least for Saturday's game.

Lopez will become a fixture (in street clothes) on the bench and at PNY Center as he makes his way back from a broken foot. "It's exciting, you know, to be back there with the guys and everything like that. It's also tough for me to be on the sidelines," he said. "I was real anxious. I wanted to get in there, in the middle of that game. I was hoping Coach would call my number."

Meanwhile, Avery Johnson has been working with Marshon Brooks on his defense. Johnson said he had shown Brooks about 20 video clips of him on defense after Wednesday’s shootaround. Brooks said the coach was talking to him about his lack of focus on defense, particularly at the end of possessions.