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Game 6 - Nets vs. Pacers - Monday, January 2, 7:30

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The Nets will try to break out of their four-game losing streak Monday night, but with the young and talented Pacers coming in, the task will be tough. Indiana is 3-1, having lost their first game to the Pistons on New Year's Eve. It will be the start of another tough week, with the Nets also facing the Celtics, Raptors and Heat.

The Pacers feature a starting lineup whose oldest player is newly acquired 31-year-old David West. He's averaging 12.4 and 8.3 at power forward. Danny Granger, 28, is their leading scorer at 17.5 and Roy Hibbert, 25, is averaging a double-double. At the point, it's Darren Collison, who's 5-for-7 from deep while distributing 7.3 assists. He's 24. Finally, the player with the most raw talent, Paul George, is only 21. Indiana also features George Hill and Tyler Hansbrough.

The Nets, of course, are coming off another drubbing, with Deron Williams tweeting overnight that he is having a hard time sleeping after four losses and "add that to me playing like crap!"