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Prokhorov Won't Sell Nets If Elected; Putin Hits Oligarchs Who Own Teams

Mikhail Prokhorov - Social Media Portrait
Mikhail Prokhorov - Social Media Portrait

Asked if he would sell the Nets if elected President --or chosen Prime Minister, Mikhail Prokhorov told a Reuters reporter, "For sure, No," but said he'd put his shares in the team in "a blind trust" run by independent trustees. The Nets owner added, "Even now, I am more on the strategy side than of the day-to-day routine. And I never interfere in my manager's job."

The Nets owner joked that if elected, "I will move NBA to Russia, for sure ... it's easy for me to move NBA for Russia, OK?"

Meanwhile, Russian Prime Minister --and presidential candidate-- Vladimir Putin slammed oligarchs who benefited from sales of state assets in the 1990's and then used their new found wealth to buy "foreign sports clubs" and "luxury goods."

Although he did not name Mikhail Prokhorov, the inference was clear. These "billionaires", he said, fuel a "negative attitude toward business" that "doesn’t promote a favorable climate."