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Brook Lopez Shoots Without Boot; O.J. Mayo Talks Have Ended

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Brook Lopez was on the court at the PNY Center Thursday, launching shots a bit gingerly but it appears that his recovery from foot surgery is on pace. As Stefan Bondy tweeted, "Brook took his boot off two days ago. Today he was shooting w/ minimal elevation, grabbing rebounds in practice. Will make next road trip".

Lopez also spoke about his contract status, saying he wasn't even aware of the January 25 deadline for extensions. He added that while he would like to play in Brooklyn with the Nets, there is "a lot of uncertainty".

Lopez's original 6-to-8 week prognosis would put him back in uniform in early to mid February. Under the new CBA, Lopez could agree to a short rehab tour with the Armor.

Bondy also reported that despite "rumors and reports" of trade negotiations regarding OJ Mayo, a "league source indicated that -- while such talks existed -- they were brief and have stopped".