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Will Rock Shootaround Help?

The Nets did something they almost never do Wednesday morning. Rather than shoot around at the PNY Center in East Rutherford, they gathered at the Prudential Center for shooting drills and some run-throughs. It's one way Avery Johnson hopes the team can get better at home, where they are the only NBA team not to have single win.

What might help is some good news on the health front, but there's precious little. Brook Lopez is out of his surgical boot and taking shots. That's it. Damion James and Shawne Williams are still out with a sore foot and shin splints. So Johnson welcomed the arrival of Larry Owens, "When [Damion's] injured, we don't have a three on our roster. We just have a bunch of twos".

As for Owens, he said he was about to get aboard a team bus for a 240-mile trip when his phone rang with the good news. "You never know when you'll get the phone call again."