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ESPN Pundits: End Is Near For Nets

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Choose your poison, Nets fans. You can read any one of a number of ESPN writers (and former writers) Wednesday and realize that there is no hope for your favorite franchise. It's all bad. The latest is that the Clippers and Dwight Howard are deeply in love!

If that's not enough, be sure to read the latest on how Deron Williams is going, going, gone. Various scenarios, just about all of them speculative and/or second hand, are as available as hemlock. He's going to Dallas as a free agent. No, He's going to New York for Carmelo Anthony. No, he's going to Los Angeles in ways yet to be determined. I mean he did say he likes warm weather...or was that Howard? Never mind! He's just going! So forget about Brooklyn and dynamic duos.You are damned!!

Denials from Howard, Smith, from Clipper officials? Tweeted entreaties unanswered? Makes no difference. It's no wonder one fan lashed out at Patrick Ewing, who apparently would like Howard to wind up like him: under appreciated in a small market with no rings.