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Brooks Back in Rookie Top Three

Drew Packham and Sebastian Pruiti are out with their latest rookie rankings and Marshon Brooks is once again at third in both. Only overall #1 pick Kyrie Irving and uber-point guard Ricky Rubio rank above the Nets shooting guard who was taken by the Celtics at #25, then immediately traded to the Nets.

Packham notes Brooks' consistency, pointing out that "he's now scored in double-digits in eight straight games and 11 of the 13 he's played". Pruiti, the stats geek, writes in Grantland about Brooks' efficiency and his new ability as a pick-and-roll instigator. "Brooks' efficiency comes from his ability to get to the free throw line. He draws shooting fouls on 23.1 percent of his pick-and-roll possessions," Pruiti writes.

One negative to report: Two players the Nets passed on in the early second round are now in one or both top tens: the Rockets' Chandler Parsons, taken at #38; and the Bucks' Jon Leuer, taken at #40. Jordan Williams, taken at #36, may get sent down to the Armor Wednesday, reports Fred Kerber.