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Kidd Would Welcome Return to Nets

Jason Kidd tells Andy Vasquez that he would welcome backing up Deron Williams "wherever he's at," whether that's Dallas or Brooklyn. Kidd becomes a free agent in July.

"That would be special if that ever happened," Kidd said when asked about having the Nets retire his jersey. "Especially going into Brooklyn, that would be something that I would look forward to and definitely welcome."

Kidd, who turns 39 in March, is still starting for the Mavericks but has been slowed by injury and perhaps age. He is averaging only 4.7 ppg and 4.4 apg in 29 minutes. As for Kidd's advice to Williams, who modeled his game after the former Nets guard, he said, ""Actually, I was just going to give him a call and tell him to just stay positive and keep teaching while you’re playing," Kidd said.