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Does Brooklyn Nets' Campaign Send Subliminal Message About D12?

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

"Welcome to Brooklyn '12"?!? "Believe the Hype"?!?

How obvious can you be? With the Nets at 3-11, the speculation about Deron Williams' future is beginning to ramp up. So the Nets are featuring him in a new campaign to sell tickets in Brooklyn. But more interesting is the words that go with the picture. Plastered on billboards around Brooklyn and Manhattan (home of the 6-7 Knicks) is the Nets' new slogan, "Believe the Hype, Welcome to Brooklyn '12."

Now, of course that '12 (with the apostrophe) could refer to the 2012 opening for Barclays Center. Then again, that apostrophe is also kind of small and is placed in such a way that some (not us of course) could mistake it for a comma, as in "Welcome to Brooklyn, 12". You know, like Dwight Howard's number. Sounds more like Subliminal Man, rather than Jay-Z's firm, has the ad account.

Better not be false advertising!