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Nets Unlikely To Extend Lopez

The next big deadline for the Nets (and every team with a 2008 first rounder on their roster) is January 25, when teams must sign players to contract extensions or let them become restricted free agents come July 1. David Aldridge writes that Brook Lopez is among those who are highly unlikely to get a new deal in the next week.

"The Nets were not likely to give Lopez, who's the major piece in their potential trade package for Dwight Howard, a new deal to begin with," writes Aldridge. "The fact that Lopez is out for a couple of months with a stress fracture in his right foot seals the (non) deal."

Beyond the machinations of the "Dwightmare", Aldridge points out that most teams are tightening their wallets in the face of what will be tougher CBA restrictions come 2013-14. But with Lopez an RFA, the Nets are gambling on another team making a max or near-max offer for Lopez. Should the Nets trade for O.J. Mayo before January 25, they'll have to make a decision on him, too.

Aldridge also hints that the Nets, along with the Celtics and Wizards, could be in the mix for a healthy Jeff Green this summer. Green, coming off heart surgery, will be an unrestricted free agent.