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Sheridan: Clips Now On D12's List

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Chris Sheridan reports that Dwight Howard has told the Magic front office that he would accept a trade to the Clippers as well as the Nets, Lakers and Mavericks, but increasingly it appears the Magic are unwilling to trade the big man before season's end, setting up a bidding war in the off-season.

Sheridan also writes that Howard would prefer not being dealt to New Jersey and miss a trip to the playoffs. Once the season is over, Howard could join the Nets who wouldn't have had to give up anything. In that scenario, writes Sheridan, Howard would need assurances that Deron Williams would be on the court with him in Brooklyn.

"And that is not a sure thing," adds Sheridan.

The Magic still hold the key to everyone's hopes and concludes Sheridan, "Ultimately, (owner Richard) DeVos is the man who will make the final call on whether his franchise center goes anywhere this season or stays right where he is — in Orlando."