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Net Rise: Third Win, Three Point Shooting Move Nets Up...a Bit

Marc Stein and John Hollinger thought the Nets made progress this week, winning their third game, vs. the Suns, but John Schuhmann is not so sure. Stein and Hollinger put the Nets at No. 26 in their power ranking, up from No. 29. Schuhmann holds steady at No. 28, and all make good points.

Stein sums up what many fans feel right about now. "Really thought the Nets would be OK in the short term without B-Lopez after signing Hump and Okur. Never thought D-Will would be shooting 36.6 percent from the floor." While Schuhmann applauds the Nets use of the three as a weapon to compensate for a Lost Lopez, he points to the defense. "On the other end, Nets opponents are shooting 51 percent in January".