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Game 14 - Nets @ Clippers - Monday, January 16, 3:30 p.m.

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Chris Paul is questionable and likely out of the Nets final game on their four-game west coast road trip. For the Nets, it's another piece of luck. In Denver, they missed Ty Lawson and in Phoenix, they missed Steve Nash. Worked out once, didn't once.

But if Paul is out, one of the Clippers' alternative scenarios has to send shivers up and down the spines of Nets coaches and players spines. Vinny Del Negro is thinking about going big. "Caron (Butler) could play some two guard, we can go big…Blake (Griffin) at three, zone, some man," Del Negro said. Blake Griffin at the three? Gulp.

Have no fear, Kris Humphries is here. In four career games as a Net vs. the Clippers, Hump has averaged 19.5 points and almost 12 rebounds while making 32 of 43 shots. He's also given Blake Griffin fits. Griffin had one of the worst games of his rookie year, with just 11 points and 3 rebounds, against Humphries.

As for Caron Butler, the Clippers' small forward said that he signed with L.A. even though the Nets had offered him more money. He said the prospect of Dwight Howard wasn't real enough to him and when the Clippers phoned with an offer as he exited his meeting with Billy King, he took their call.