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Would Nets Trade D-Will If They Failed In "Dwightmare"?

it all seems so speculative, reports about the latest permutations in the "Dwightmare." With the Nets doing so poorly, now there are discussions of what would happen if the Nets failed in their pursuit of Dwight Howard and then were faced with a Deron Williams trade request...not that there's any indication one is coming.

Marc Stein writes in the Weekend Dime about those prospects. He asks, is there any scenario where the Nets would consider dealing Deron Williams? Quoting "sources briefed on New Jersey's thinking", he answers his own question this way: "If Howard is traded to the Lakers before the deadline, sources say New Jersey would then be forced to explore its D-Will trade options, knowing that Williams would be a virtual lock to leave come July".

But if Howard goes to a team not on his preferred list, Stein speculates that the Nets would wait in hopes of bringing Howard on as a free agent.