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The Mentoring of MarShon Brooks

DeShawn Stevenson puts it succinctly: "I made some good money in this league. When I was coming in, I didn’t really have a veteran guy come talk to me like I’m doing with MarShon. You always had a veteran guy who thinks you’re taking his spot. But I wanted that [guidance]."

Now, as Stefan Bondy and Fred Kerber report, he's become Marshon Brooks mentor. The two have become inseparable, riding on the first bus, getting to the gym first, leaving it last.

Brooks is very grateful that a 12-year veteran, one with a ring no less, has decided to help his career. "DeShawn is in the little things. He’s been through the bumps and bruises so he’s just trying to help me. Basically, with defensive calls, that type of stuff. He’s a very good defensive player ... he took me under his wing and helped me with my jump shot, with everything."