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After Deron's Big Night, a Bigger One

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You could argue that Friday night's game vs. the Suns was the best single game effort in Deron Williams' career, at least from a statistical perspective.

As Mike Mazzeo writes, he'd never had a game in which he scored as many as 35 points and dished out as many as 14 assists in his career. He also tied a personal high with six three-pointers.

From a statistical high to an emotional one as he returns to Salt Lake City, where it's the biggest news in town. Tyrone Corbin, an assistant under Jerry Sloan and now head coach of the Jazz, says the game is no different and that his team is preparing for the Nets, not just D-Will. No one believes that.

Meanwhile, Derrick Favors and Devin Harris are getting ready as well, with Favors saying the big difference between Utah and New Jersey is that he's now in a place that wants him. Harris says no big deal. It's just like the first time he faced the Mavericks as a Net.