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As Nets Wallow in Jersey Limbo, Only Prokhorov Looks Certain

ProBasketball 100 - Mikhail Prokhorov
ProBasketball 100 - Mikhail Prokhorov

It's not been a good New Year for the Nets, not with a six-game losing streak, lingering injuries to a third of the roster and Deron Williams' frustration mounting with each loss, each bad game.

One thing Harvey Araton did get in his look at the Nets in transition (not fast break, transition) is word from Moscow that Mikhail Prokhorov is still engaged.

"My interest in owning the Nets has not diminished at all," said the principal owner, billionaire and Russian presidential candidate in an email exchange with Araton. "We have a superb management team in place and I see my role as lending vision and strategy ideas, but not intruding on their good judgment".

Otherwise, Araton runs through the best-case and worst-case scenarios re Williams and Dwight Howard, closing with Billy King's continuing optimism that by the time the Nets get to Brooklyn, they will be far more representative.