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From No Minutes to High Scorer

It wasn't that long ago that Jordan Farmar was the Nets' forgotten man. Avery Johnson declared him out of the rotation on New Years Eve, saying, "It’s just an unfortunate that everybody can’t play. But since this is a season of a lot of games in a short period of time everybody has to stay ready. It’s the way it is."

Well, that's not the way it is now. With the Nets in need of a quick-hitting shooter, Farmar is back. In fact, he was high scorer against the Nuggets, almost single-handedly bringing the Nets back with five three pointers and 26 points total. Over the last five, Farmar is averaging 12.4 points in 21 minutes, shooting 52.5% overall and 50.0% on three's. For the season, he's shooting a team-best 45.5% from deep.