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Prokhorov: Russia Must Look West

Should he get elected, Mikhail Prokhorov would face an interesting policy dilemma unique to him ... how to deal with the targeting of nuclear weapons at a city where you also own significant real estate? Russia still maintains a sizeable nuclear arsenal, some of whose aim points are undoubtedly within New York's city limits.

Not helpful to Brooklyn real estate values.

Prokhorov seems to want a way out of that dilemma. In an op-ed for London's Guardian Wednesday, the Nets owners and Russian presidential candidate proposes that Russia look to the west, become part of the eurozone, "decide once and for all that we are a part of greater Europe, and that we share the values of European democracies".

Russia has, as Prokhorov notes, "for too many years we have been obsessed with the notion that Russia has its own 'special' fate, separate and distinct from everyone else." Getting beyond that could lead to more trust, less nukes.