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Whole Lot of Shouting and Testiness As Nets Prepare for Denver, Utah

Avery Johnson admitted his voice was a bit "hoarse" Wednesday after a team video session that drove him around the bend Tuesday.

Johnson was flabbergasted while watching the Nets, in Deron Williams words, "make the same mistakes over and over and over … it got a little heated."

Williams got a little heated himself when Nugget writers, still in the hangover phase of the Melo Drama, tried to get him to compare his situation last season with those of Carmelo Anthony in Denver, Chris Paul in New Orleans and Dwight Howard in Orlando. Nets captain would have no part of it.

"I'm not Carmelo Anthony. I'm not the Denver Nuggets. I'm not Chris Paul. I'm not the New Orleans Hornets. I'm not Dwight Howard. I'm not the Orlando Magic. I'm not the Utah Jazz anymore, either. I play for the New Jersey Nets, the last time I checked," Williams said. Williams did admit he'd like to play with Howard as would "every player in this league.”