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Brooks, Shumpert Battle for "Steal"

MarShon Brooks
MarShon Brooks

Over the summer, Adidas had several of its rookies out to Oregon for a welcoming event, which featured skills competitions, some community events and a photo shoot. Marshon Brooks and Iman Shumpert jokingly had one taken of the two of them squared off in boxing poses, fists raised. It may have been prophetic.

The two, along with Norris Cole of the Heat, are competing for the title of "Steal of the Draft". In Drew Packham's latest Rookie Ladder, Shumpert, taken at #17, is ranks third while Brooks, taken at #25, ranks fifth, down despite his double double vs. the Hawks.

Shumpert ranks third in scoring (13.2), fourth in assists (3.6), first in steals (2.2) and first in free throw percentage (90.9%). Brooks ranks second in scoring (14.4), second in field goal percentage (46.2%), fourth in three point shooting (40.7%), and third in free throw shooting (79.3%).