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Schmitz: Magic Won't Wait Till Break

One of the grand assumptions in the "Dwightmare" is that the Magic don't want to trade Dwight Howard until after the All-Star Game on February 26, that the ownership of the team, 85-year-old Richard DeVos and his family, want the game to be a "celebration" of the city and their new arena. Having Howard show up in another team's uniform would tarnish said celebration, or the story goes.

Not so, reports Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel. A trade could happen any time and he adds if Howard doesn't agree to an extension (and there is no indication he will), "then the Magic will deal Dwight and not let him walk like Shaq did 15 years ago. The Magic must receive compensation, and the best compensation now — as always — is Lakers center Andrew Bynum."

Schmitz adds, "That is, of course, if Howard would accept a trade to the Lakers. Even though the Lakers are on his list, it is believed that New Jersey is his first choice (big market, no Kobe to share the marquee)."