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Farmar Out of Nets' Rotation

Avery Johnson confirmed what has become evident by reading box scores: Jordan Farmar is out of the rotation, the coach preferring Sundiata Gaines as Deron Williams' substitute and sidekick. Nothing personal, said the coach.

"It’s just an unfortunate that everybody can’t play. But since this is a season of a lot of games in a short period of time everybody has to stay ready," said Johnson. "It’s the way it is. It’s the ebbs and flows of the .season."

Farmar played well enough last season, backing up Devin Harris and then Deron Williams. In one game he had 17 assists, in another 28 points. During the lockout, he starred for Maccabi Tel Aviv, being named the Euroleague Player of the Week. In other Jordan news, Jordan Williams is likely to suit up Monday vs. the Pacers.