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Game 5 - Nets @ Cavaliers - Sunday, January 1, 6:00 p.m.

The Nets had their team New Years Eve party in a Cleveland hotel Saturday, then retired early to get ready for the first game of 2012 against a young Cavaliers team. The Cavs are officially rebuilding according to their owner, Dan Gilbert, and so far, so good.

On Draft Night, they took 6'3" Duke PG Kyrie Irving at #1, then 6'9" Texas PF Tristan Thompson three slots later. How young is young? Irving is 20; Thompson 19. Both are doing well, and the Cavs are 1-2 with a win over the Pistons and an overtime loss to the Pacers. The Cavs also traded for Omri Casspi, who mans the SF position.

For the Nets, the game is an opportunity to get their second win. After two poor games at home vs. the Hawks and away against the Magic, the team seemed to turn things around in Atlanta on Friday, but couldn't get the victory. While Irving and Thompson are among the rookie leaders in several categories, MarShon Brooks, taken at #25, is the NBA's top rookie scorer at 15.2 ppg.