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2012 Free Agency

How Teletovic sacrificed millions to play for Nets

In an interview with Nate Duncan Thursday, Bobby Marks revealed just how much Mirza Teletovic wanted to play for the Nets in 2012 ... millions of dollars worth.

NetsDaily Video: Welcome to Brooklyn, Coach Kidd

The Brooklyn Nets welcomed their new head coach Jason Kidd to Brooklyn, and NetsDaily were on hand to take in the introductory press conference.

In Utah, a realization they lost D-Will trade

In a discussion of ESPN Radio in Salt Lake City Friday, sportscasters and the Jazz's leading beat writer agree that while Utah got some "intriguing pieces" for Deron Williams in 2011, Williams is a "superstar" and it's likely they lost the trade.

"Dwightmare" Leaves Lopez, Nets Satisfied

Brook Lopez is now the leading scorer among centers in the NBA and the 12th best scorer in the league overall. He's also in the top five of player efficiency, top ten in wins and value added. Good thing the Nets didn't lose him in the Dwightmare.

Do Nets have four of the NBA's worst contracts?

Bill Simmons takes on the NBA's profligate owners and GM's, categorizing the worst contracts in the league and singling out the Nets for having four of the worst 25: in ascending order, Hump, D-Will, Crash and at No. 1, Joe Johnson.

D-Will, JJ, Crash on list of problematic contracts

In an odd bit of coincidence, Hoopshype and Sports Illustrated named their "top 10 disappointments" and "most problematic contracts," respectively. Names familiar to Nets fans dot both lists ... Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace.

Who Ya Got for the Fifteenth Man?

Starting Friday, the Nets have to think seriously about filling their open roster spot. March 1 is the so-called "second trade deadline." If a player isn't on an NBA roster --or has been waived-- March 1, teams can sign him for the playoffs.

Are Nets Still Pursuing Ilyasova?

The Nets pursued Ersan Ilyasova last summer, even taking his agent, Andy Miller, on a tour of the then-incomplete Barclays Center. After the Nets traded for Joe Johnson and intermittently pursued Dwight Howard, he got lost in the shuffle. But now??

AK-47 Seems to Say He's Staying in Minnesota

Andrei Kirilenko says he's staying in the NBA and likes the Timberwolves organization and his coach, Rick Adelman, indicating that he will not be opting out of his $10 million contract this June. The Nets made a late attempt to sign him in July.

Lopez Looking Like Brooklyn Bargain

It's not often a 24-year-old looks like a bargain so soon after signing a max contract. The Nets took a chance on Brook Lopez in July. Prodded by a rumored max offer from the Bobcats, the Nets threw $61 million over four at Lopez. He's been worth it

Thibs Wanted Bogans Back, But Nets Got Him

Keith Bogans has been hot lately. In the last five games before Saturday night's win over the Cavs, he shot 66.7 percent from three, 70.8 percent overall, the best percentages for NBA player over that stretch. But he almost signed with Chicago.

Bench Making Front Office Look Like Geniuses

When the off-season was over, Billy King was getting a lot of praise for his work, but not as much as he should be getting now. It's not just the glitzy signings and big trades, it's the selection of bench players that have bolstered his reputation.

Cheap Bench Bringing Riches to Nets

The nine players who make up the Nets bench are getting a grand total of $8.1 million this season, less than $1 million on average. Contributors like C.J. Watson and Andray Blatche are making vets minimums. Reggie Evans is making only slightly less.

How Seriously Did Howard, Nash Consider Brooklyn?

Everyone knows that the Nets pursued Dwight Howard. However, Howard Beck writes Saturday about the Nets pursuit of Steve Nash this summer. He was one of two back-up plans if D-Will went elsewhere. How serious was his interest in Brooklyn? Not very.

Nets Have Simplified Their Assets

We update our listing of the Nets trade assets, not that we hear there's a trade afoot! It's just that we haven't updated things since the last signings and cuts. We look at where the Nets are in terms of salary, draft picks, draft rights and cash.

The "Killer B's" Report Card: Brooklyn Builders

Overall, you'd have to give them an "A" for the off-season, maybe even an A+. We grade each of the Nets moves since Billy King and Bobby Marks took over. We try to avoid "Incomplete" because you could give that grade to all the moves at this point.

AK-47, Prokhorov Pal, Says Nets Owner Helps Russia

Two years ago, Andrei Kirilenko was the only Russian in the NBA. Now, there are three: him, Timofey Mozgov and Alexey Shved. Expect more, says Kirilenko, in large part because of Mikhail Prokhorov. Russian scouts will bring their players to Brooklyn.

Prokhorov: Nets Spending "Reasonable," Not "Crazy"

Mikhail Prokhorov is happy with the job his team did in putting together the Nets' roster, saying the cost is "reasonable," not "crazy." Talking to David Aldridge, he also spoke about the rivalry with the Knicks, saying it's great for the city.

Howard Wanted Trade to Nets!!!

You heard here first! OK,maybe not. Dwight Howard told ESPN radio that he wanted to be traded to the Nets, but that something or someone intervened and he wound up with the Lakers, where his "dream came true." Hollywood's like that.

Nets Easily "Most Improved" in GM Survey

Add NBA GM's to the list of those who expect the Nets to do well this season. The Nets were the runaway winner when GM's were asked which team is the most improved, season over season. The Nets also finished second in best off-season moves.

YES Preview: Looking at Summer, Hoping for Fall

YES produced an hour of television and published a series of articles online Monday, previewing the Nets' 2012-13 season. Billy King talked about his off-season back-up plans if Deron Williams didnt sign while Avery Johnson talks chemistry

D-Will To Cuban: Diss Me, Diss You

Mark Cuban has been chewing on some sour grapes lately, saying the Mavs are probably better off without Deron Williams. Monday, Deron Williams got his chance to tell writers that if Cuban had attended a meeting with him, he might be a Maverick.

Kirilenko - The one who got away

Right at the end of free agency, when the Nets had only a vets minimum left, the Nets talked to Andrei Kirilenko, hoping Mikhail Prokhorov could convince him to take a (Moscow) hometown discount. It didn't work out but AK-47 wishes Prokhorov well.

King: We were up against history with D12

Billy King tells Adrian Wojnarowski that he knew early on in the D12 trade talks that he had a high hurdle to mount: in the history of superstar trades, for the most part, teams want to move their unhappy players across conference lines. He was right

Howard Talks of (Nameless) Team He Screwed At March Trade Deadline

At great risk of reopening old wounds and after careful consideration, we note that Dwight Howard offered commentary this weekend on what happened back in March

Nets Hope The Clock Turns Back On Blatche and Childress

The Nets aren't talking much of a risk (how about none?) in signing Andray Blatche and Josh Childress to non-guaranteed one-year deals. But what about the reward?

Nets Add Mays, Dennis, Scott

The Nets completed free agency Monday with the signings of Stephen Dennis, James Mays, and Carleton Scott. Dennis and Scott played for the Nets summer league team in Orlando. All three are veterans of international leagues.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #21

In our Off-Season Report this week, we take a look at the last free agency issues, check out some statement games, try our hand at a depth chart, etc.

Brooks: "We Have A Chance To Win Every Single Night" In Brooklyn

Marshon Brooks reiterated his goal of beating James Harden for Sixth Man of the Year, but in telephone conversation from Moscow Thursday, the 6'5" shooting guard talked more about the team and its potential.

The Nets $9 Million Bench

Stephen Coston of DIME notes that almost 90% of the Nets spending this summer was on starters and that the the rest was paid out, effectively, to their bench.

And Josh Childress Makes 15

Please welcome Josh Childress...officially. The Nets announced Thursday afternoon that the 6'8" small forward, amnestied by the Suns in July, has been signed, reportedly to a one-year, non-guaranteed contract.

Aschburner: Tough Love for Blatche

Veteran NBA writer Steve Aschburner looks at Andray Blatche's signing with the Nets, his past and now his future. Aschburner repeats all the various issues that have plagued Blatche and offers his own prescription for the Nets.


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