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Abbott: Prokhorov Likely CBA Dove

Henry Abbott of ESPN's TrueHoop breaks down the NBA owners, listing each as either a "dove" or a "hawk" on CBA negotiations. Mikhail Prokhorov, he writes, is most likely a "dove", wanting to get the players back on the court.

Prokhorov bought a money-losing team and has been resolute about turning a profit, which would suggest "hawk." On the other hand, he's determined to make a big arrival in Brooklyn in 2012, where local TV and sponsorship prospects are bright. That requires a healthy, happy Deron Williams in uniform.

Abbott also points out that the Nets (and Clippers) present an intriguing challenge for those wanting teams to share revenue. "Clippers and Nets are in huge metro areas, but have nothing like the revenues of the Lakers and Knicks"