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Johnson Helps Russian Players, Coaches at Moscow Clinics

Pro100 Basket
Pro100 Basket

For Avery Johnson, it was a chance to coach anyone...and he looked thrilled to be doing so. For Mikhail Prokhorov, it was a chance to begin fulfilling his promise to use the Nets expertise to help Russian basketball.  Johnson and Popeye Jones spent time Wednesday working with both Russian kids and Russian coaches.

In videos posted by Prokhorov's Pro100 Basket charity, Johnson said that while the young Russians, boys and girls alike, showed energy and willingness to learn, they need work on fundamentals. As for the coaches, he noted high basketball IQ and a lot of note taking. Johnson and Jones are expected to fly to Vilnius, Lithuania and Eurobasket, where they'll meet up with scouts Gregg Polinsky and Danko Cvjeticanin.