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Here's a Bulletin: Arenas Are Noisy!

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

As we've noted, arena critics have been annoyed by the prospect of rowdy bars, terrorists and prostitutes invading their neighborhoods. They also consider the exterior facade "god awful".  Now, they've realized that the Barclays Center is likely to be (wait for it) noisy!  

The Empire State Development Corp., Bruce Ratner's partner in building the arena, has indeed confirmed it. In response to a resident's question, it noted, "The FEIS [Final Environmental Impact Statement] determined that the Project would result in significant adverse noise impacts; thus some increase in noise is expected. Police officers patrolling Arena events will seek to control unruly behavior that would constitute an undue disturbance."

How much noise is tolerable, they ask, along with where will it be worst, how many police will be needed to quell "unruly behavior" and why didn't anyone study how loud it will be on the plaza in front of the arena? These are questions unlikely to be answered before September 2012, which is now a year away.