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Prokhorov Joins Facebook, Twitter

Mikhail Prokhorov
Mikhail Prokhorov

Remember how Mikhail Prokhorov made it a point of personal honor that he didn't use a cell phone (disproved when the New York Times profiled him) or a laptop and eschewed the social media.  Or how about when he told beat writers, "I know this iPad. I hope we never meet"?

No more. The requirements of running for president, prime minister, whatever in Russia has made the Nets owner/politician more social media-savvy. In the last week, he's set up Facebook and Twitter accounts, in Russian, announcing it on his Live Journal blog, which he's had for several years. They're mainly about politics, but he does mention the charity game this week. Will he use them to talk Nets when the lockout ends? We'll just have to follow him.