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Progress? Movement? Not Really

It's never easy figuring out how negotiations are going from the outside, but that's not stopping basketball writers from trying. 

Adrian Wojnarowski initially painted a positive picture via Twitter, tweeting even before the meeting broke up that there's "been a spirit of cooperation" in the room today".  Then, after the two sides talked to the media, his assessment was less upbeat. "Fisher says meeting was contentious at times," he tweeted, "and no new proposals were exchanged".

How contentious? At one point, David Stern "pointed at DWade, which DWade took as sign of disrespect". reported Chris Broussard.  That led to this: "Dwyane Wade yelled at David Stern while making pointed remarks to the commissioner at today's NBA meeting." Still, Chris Sheridan who's sticking to his prediction that no games will be lost, wrote, "Stern went so far as to say that one of the three remaining items of contention has effectively been settled."

The two sides are back at it Saturday.