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Avery's Motivations: Prokhorov And "I Want to Make Worst Team Best"

in an interview published Friday (but conducted earlier), Avery Johnson tells a Russian sports writer that his motivations to win a championship include proving Mikhail Prokhorov was right to buy the Nets and "to win the championship with a team that was the worst when I took it make the worst team best."

In the lengthy interview, Johnson also talks of his relationship with the Nets team owner, calling it "strong" and notes that "he lets me do my job...Prokhorov,is not someone who listens to 25 different people. He knows what he wants."

He also said Prokhorov combines some of the best aspects of successful owners. "He is similar to (Spurs owner) Peter Holt in that he is smooth. He's like Mark Cuban in that he is cocky. And he's like George Steinbrenner in that he is ready to spend money. He's combination of all three."