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Amnesty-Ready: Travis Outlaw

Travis Outlaw's contract may or may not be the worst in the NBA. There's a lot of competition. But one thing is unanimous among NBA pundits: if there is an amnesty provision in the new collective bargaining agreement, Outlaw will be among the first to go.

Writers for Grantland, Sheridan Hoops and NBC Sports put together lists of players most likely to be waived under an amnesty clause and Outlaw was on each of them. Bill Simmons of Grantland was the harshest: "Here's why we're having a lockout because teams are so effing stupid that they actually need to waive guys they just signed a year ago. There should be bonus amnesty points for being total morons. The Nets should get to wipe twice the amount of Outlaw's contract off their cap, like how disabled people get to park in disabled-person spaces."