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MacKinnon Resume's Missing Line

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

When the Nets released their press release on Bob MacKinnon's appointment as Armor coach, there was nothing about what he did last year. 

Turns out he was head coach, well the only coach, for Tianjin Rongcheng, a team in the Chinese basketball Association, with a record of 5-27.

Tianjin couldn’t afford to hire assistant coaches, athletic trainers, video coordinators or any other person who could take some of the load off of MacKinnon, who was interviewed by NiuBBall, the English language website that follows Chinese hoops.

MacKinnon said he was hired by Tianjian for the same reasons the Nets hired him to coach in Springfield. "We had a very, very young and inexperienced team and I think they wanted someone who could teach and put in a system that they could grow on for the next five or ten years."

And now? "I’m extremely happy. This is a great opportunity...For me to be with the Springfield Armor, whose basketball operations are owned and operated by the New Jersey Nets, is a great opportunity because I am an extension of Avery Johnson’s staff now."