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Suss Leaving P.A., Keeping P.R.

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Gary Sussman, the voice of the Nets through much of the Jason Kidd era ...and the debacle and rebirth that followed,.is giving up his public address role with the Nets, but keeping his role as spokesman for the team. 

"All things must pass...too many PR duties," Sussman said an email to NetsDaily. 

He has been the voice of the Nets for 15 years as well as the vice president for public relations for eight, making him, as the Nets press guide notes, "the only NBA executive to assume this nightly 'double-double'."  He is also the author of Sussman Sez, an occasional blog whose Sphinx-like passages have mystified millions.

The Nets will hold PA announcer auditions for the 2011-12 season will be held Sept 30 from 5–8pm at Mark Morris Dance Group, 3 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn.  Marco G, arena host, is also being replaced.