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Talks Break for Jewish Holidays, as Stern Offers Ominous Assessment

The NBA talks broke at around 1:30 p.m. ET Wednesday in deference to the Jewish holiday and are scheduled to resume Friday with up to 15 owners and some of the game's biggest stars present, according to writers covering the talks in New York. No breakthroughs were reported.

Derek Fisher said there wasn't any common ground reached so far, but desire to get there does exist. Responsibility is to work at it, so they will." Among the players expected for Friday's session are LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

David Stern, however, offered a much more dramatic assessment, saying the whole season, not just the start, hangs in the balance this weekend, "There are enormous consequences at play here. There will be a lot at risk in the absence of progress ...Let's get the two committees in and see whether they can either have a season or not ... That's what's at risk."

Earlier, as reporters converged on Billy Hunter, an angry fan rolled up, pounded his fist on his door panel, and shouted, "We want basketball! Stop the playing and get it done!" Then, he motored on.