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Next Step at Arena: Sidewalks, Etc.

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Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

The latest construction update from the Empire State Development Corp. reports that among the next steps at the arena site will be the installation of sidewalks; bollards, those stone blocks aimed at protecting pedestrians from wayward vehicles; and other exterior amenities. The arena is scheduled to open a year from tonight.

The update, out Monday, lists what's next: "sidewalks, installation of pavers, street furniture, street trees, light and signal poles, way finding signage, hydrants and the canopy to the new subway entrance. Additional detail on the work will be provided as the contractor progresses." Work on the canopy to the subway entrance, to be covered with greenery, is already visible at the site.

In addition, the update notes the arena's distinctive facade (11,998 metal pieces arranged in 921 "mega panels") will start to be installed on the Flatbush Avenue side of the venue soon. Much of Atlantic Avenue is already covered.