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Wednesday Meeting Crucial for CBA But Don't Get Your Hopes Up Yet

No one is calling it a breakthrough and there's no reason to do so yet, but it appears there is movement in the NBA collective bargaining talks.  The owners have reportedly agreed to end their insistence on a "hard cap" and may offer an even split on basketball related income, both big moves that offer some hope. But there are strings attached.

After a two and a half hour meeting Tuesday to discuss "concepts and ideas," the two sides adjourned until Wednesday when the "concepts and ideas" may become "proposals".One source reported, "it's put up or shut up time".

One "concept" is a realignment of the owners' thinking on the "hard cap".  According to Adrian Wojnarowski and Ken Berger, the owners would propose a much more onerous luxury tax. It would have a sliding scale all the way up to a $4 tax for every one dollar over the tax threshold, writes Chris Sheridan. Ric Bucher reports owners also want to limit "Bird Rights" to one player per team, reduce the MLE and, more significantly, cut players' pay over the next three years. The players are highly unlikely to go along with that. Still to be decided: a BRI split.