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Out of Shape or Out of Rhythm?

Deron Williams debuted Tuesday for Besiktas and depending whose tweets you read, he was either "very out of shape" (Jonathan Givony of Draft Express) or out of "rhythm" (him). D-Will scored 15 points, handed out nine assists, but shot 3-for-15 from the field as Besiktas beat Dexia Mons of Belgium by 8 in Istanbul.

Givony tweeted, "Not a terribly impressive debut from a very out of shape looking Deron Williams in EuroCup qualifiers."  Williams admitted he wasn't up to speed yet. "Won our first game of the season today by 8. Still trying to find my rythm out there Played against my teammate from Illinois Warren Carter."

Besiktas posted 16 minutes of highlights from his last preseason game.