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Now a Real Rivalry: Nets vs. Knicks

MarShon Brooks via Lockerz
MarShon Brooks via Lockerz

During a promotional visit to Adidas in Portland Monday, MarShon Brooks and Iman Shumpert squared off, wearing their Nets and Knicks practice jerseys.  It was all in fun for the two rookies, but the competition between Brooklyn and Manhattan is finally turning serious.

Mikhail Prokhorov started it all a year and a half ago, when he promised "to turn Knicks fans into Nets fans", later adding, "I don’t think we want to be like the Knicks,", but rather the Lakers, that is, winners.  And who can forget the Blueprint for Greatness, the 'Melo Drama or the Deron Williams trade.

Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn's borough president and uber Nets supporter, added some fuel just before introducing Jay-Z. "I can't wait, for those Knicks, a.k.a. Manhattan Knicks, to step out of the way for what will surely be our NBA champions, the Brooklyn Nets," he said.

Now, a day after the announcement (and "Brooklyn Nets" trending worldwide all day on Twitter), the Nets have, in the words of Forbes' Tom Van Riper, an opportunity to get beyond the Knicks' "manufactured nostalgia" and "make some noise right away".