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They Will Be the Brooklyn Nets


There was never any real indication that the Nets would change their name to anything else, but Jay-Z made it official on Fox 5 Monday morning, shortly before his press conference began. When the Nets move to Brooklyn, they will become the Brooklyn Nets.

About the concerts that will open the Barclays Center, Jay-Z said, "I'm going to open the building with a concert, with a couple of concerts actually." And when asked if Beyonce' would be performing at those concerts, his reply was "Maybe."

The official announcement was brief, with Jay-Z saying that he asked ownership for the name to be "Brooklyn Nets," and that there would be "definitely more than one" concert to open the arena..."maybe one maybe two, I'm starting to sound like Lebron." Prior to the press conference, he signed autographs and took photos with construction workers at the arena.

Not everyone thinks keeping "Nets" in the name was a smart move.  Darren Rovell tweeted, "Not getting rid of the name Nets is a major mistake. Chance to rebrand themselves, get attention."  Scott Minto, who runs the Sports MBA program at San Diego State, said, “The team will still draw and people will buy jerseys…but there was the chance to start fresh with the new arena and one of the most prolific entertainers in the world.”

The team expects to unveil new logos in February, reports the Times.