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Bogdanovic Still Inconsistent

Bojan Bogdanovic scored 22 points Saturday, two days after joining Fenerbahce and flying to Moscow to play in the Gomelsky Cup, leading his team to the "friendly" tournament's finals.  But once there on Sunday, he scored only 8 points, all in the first half, and Fener lost to CSKA Moscow, Mikhail Prokhorov's old team.

Not that anyone could have blamed him. CSKA has three solid big men: Nenad Krstic, Darius Lavrinovic and Sasha Kaun, all north of 6'11" and all experienced European big men. They dominated the game.

It's uncertain how many (if any) of Prokhorov's aides were in the stands Sunday. The night before, Sergey Kushchenko, the Nets new director, was on hand for the retirement ceremony of two American players who led CSKA to eight straight Euroleague Final Fours and two championships: John Robert Holden and Trajan Langdon.