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Bogdanovic's 22 Gets Fenerbahce Into Moscow Final Sunday


You have to ask yourself with all the trouble Mikhail Prokhorov has seen this week, wouldn't some hoops --featuring your old team and a future member of your new team-- be a nice break from politics? And since the game is open to the public, he wouldn't be violating NBA rules if he attends!

Bojan Bogdanovic joined Fenerbahce Ulker of Istanbul Thursday, then Saturday led them to victory over Greece's Panathinakos in Moscow.  Bogdanovic, who had an up-and-down Eurobasket, scored 22 points in the opening game of the Gomelsky Cup, named for the late Alexander Gomelsky, the Hall of Fame Russian coach and a friend of Prokhorov's. Fener will now play CSKA Moscow, Prokhorov's old team, Sunday in the "friendly" tournament.